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GLOBAL MIND GROUP’S EDUCATION Our mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering education excellence and ensuring equal access. French is easy to understand and learn. There are many schools, colleges offering French as the second or third language. Among Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish, French is considered to be the most Romance language in the world. Learning different languages is rather good as it helps an individual to get exposed to new places and new thinking. Countries like Belgium, Canada, Chad, Dominica, Guiana, Haiti, France, and the USA use French as an important language. It is used in many areas such as education, commerce, corporate and government services. French stands next to English as it is officially used in 29 countries. It is widely spoken language after English, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic. It is one of the most important internationally known communication and corporate languages. People speaking French are not less than 220 million and that’s a huge figure isn’t it? The earlier forms of French were old and middle French. French has complicated grammar but there are many similarities between English and French. The idea of framing sentences, 26 alphabets, use of pronouns, word order is all somewhat similar. The end letter of a word is mostly silent but it is written, though not pronounced. However, there are difficult differences between the two which can be tackled easily. WHY SHOULD I LEARN FRENCH LANGUAGE? It is an international language A language for the global job market The language of culture and tradition The best language for travel to many countries around the world A language for overseas education One of the widely used language for international relations A language that opens immense opportunities A language which is easy to learn and start speaking A language which is easy to learn and start speaking The language of romance and love It is the best career asset to learn French It is the best career asset to learn French FRENCH LANGUAGE CLASSES AT PANCHAL INSTITUTE Foreign languages are useful in improving skills and earning good scores in top exams. In today’s competitive world, one language is not enough; at least one foreign language increases the quality of the resume while finding a job in the country or abroad. Personally and professionally, the French language helps in developing oneself. PANCHAL INSTITUTE the best French Language Institute in Delhi offers excellent job oriented French classes at your convenient. The timings offered at PANCHAL INSTITUTE are set as per the learner’s convenience and we at Multilingua focus on individual students by The timings offered at GMG are set as per the learner’s convenience and we at PANCHAL INSTITUTE focus on individual students by dividing the classes into small batches. We at PANCHAL INSTITUTE value your language proficiency which is measured based on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. PANCHAL INSTITUTE follows international teaching standards and generally the levels in French courses start with beginner, elementary, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced and masters which are denoted as A1 to C2. If you are interested to gain confident How to Learn French Language join today in an outstanding French Language Institute in Delhi – PANCHAL INSTITUTE. WHAT ARE THE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES? France being the biggest economy is a great career making option for French-speaking candidates. The language helps in developing international relations and a great career boosts if one dreams of working with international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union and so on. Great philosophers such as Sartre and Derrida and great novels, books are in French and getting an opportunity to read them is possible only if one can read French fluently. The language is getting importance in the African country as there are a huge business, commerce, and investment going on there. French is known to be the world’s third most important business language. Also as a French-speaking person has a lot of job opportunities. Then there is a huge demand for translated books in France and also it gives access to literature. The career options are not limited only to working as translators, interpreters or multinationals but its importance is felt in cooking, the atre, fashion, arts, dance, and architecture industry. GMG assists you to achieve your career goals and you just need to visit once GMG – French Language Institute in Delhi.

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